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Hatha Yoga: Transforming Body, Mind, Spirit

Hatha Yoga is a gentle, deep practice involving Pranayama (breath work) , Asanas (postures) and Kriyas (Guided Meditations). Practitioners are motivated to tune in, explore and discover the blissful benefits of this discipline through the medium of the body and breath.

In Monica’s approach to yoga and her teaching practice, there is an emphasis on asanas and pranayama as vehicles of awakening. Intrinsically created and developed, having worked with students with varied personalities and needs, Monica, in her Hatha Yoga classes seeks to balance all faculties – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.Monica has always believed in the holistic nature of yoga. She teaches it as a philosophical system, with a strong practical method as its core. As a teacher, she strives to encourage her students to go beyond their limitations, exhorting them to find focus, alignment, flexibility, balance and acceptance.

Translating the profound techniques and philosophy of yoga to guide students to use their body as a vehicle for change towards holistic health, Monica pushes them to feel the pulse of the practice in every movement and the mind. The effort is to use the form of ‘adaptive’ yoga not to cure, but manage diseases, pains, stress, anxiety, obesity, depression and open physical and mental blockages…