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Hatha Gentle Yoga: The Blissful Benefits

Hatha Gentle Yoga is a slow, deep practice during which students are encouraged to tune in, explore and discover the innumerable benefits of Hatha Yoga, through the medium of the body and breath. Asanas helps to detoxify the body; pranayama detoxifies the internal systems, while meditation helps in relaxing the mind and bringing calmness to it.

Stress & Yoga:

Effectiveness of yoga for stress management is well-established. Yoga-based relaxation training normalizes function of the autonomic nervous system. Yoga has been shown to have immediate psychological effects: decreasing anxiety, increasing attention, alertness and feelings of emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.


Yoga, together with relaxation, meditation, and psychotherapy, leads to anti-hypertensive effect...

Serum lipid profile and body weight:

Obesity and increased body weight are strong risk factors for heart disease and hypertension. Yoga has been found to be particularly helpful in the management of obesity, strengthening the back, core and balance.

Diabetes mellitus:

Diabetics, who practice yoga regularly, experience a significant reduction in the frequency of hyperglycemia and manage to maintain adequate blood sugar levels.

Sexual Energy:

Many people experience that regular practice of yoga leads to an increase in their sex drive and more emotional closeness during sex. Benefits of yoga include improvements in the cardiovascular system and better muscle tone.