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FOR the past 19 years, Monica Gentini has been on a journey of exploration, the path replete with intense experiences and each step pulsating with new energy and life. Each day Monica lives, breathes and feels yoga, the asanas and pranayamas entering the deepest spaces of her mind and body, breaking and dismantling blockages and revealing truths, both internal and external. Monica first approached yoga in 1999, at the Shivananda Ashram in Tamil Nadu, while travelling in India and moved by the contact, the search led her to the Yoganiketan Ashram in Rishikesh where she experienced another philosophy of yoga with a powerful teacher, Vishuketu of the Bihar school of yoga. After Rishikesh, on her way to Gomuk, Monica’s tryst with yoga took her to the Yoganiketan Ashram in Gangotri, where she encountered yoga master Swami Yogananda, who would change her life forever and become the most important master in her yoga practice and growth, both as a practitioner and teacher.

Back to Italy, Monica continued her practice and through a friend, met a yoga teacher in Milan, Lisetta Landoni and Guru Luigi in the 2000 and continued her learning and practice with Luigi until 2003. With the guidance of her teachers and her individual practice, Monica received new insights and perspectives into the many dimensions of the body, mind and spirit, as she experienced an overall well-being, the tangible benefit being complete recovery from Basedow Morbus, a disease of the thyroid that triggers esoftalmus.

Monica returned to India for several months in a year since 2006, to take her yoga training further and understand the depths of the ancient science and her own self through the many techniques of mediation with her master Swami Yogananda guiding her at every step. Monica received a diploma in Ashthanga Yoga at Kranti Yoga School in Goa, India in 2011 and in 2012 got a diploma at Agama Yoga School in Tantra Yoga in Ko Panghan, Thailand.

Teaching yoga was an organic and effortless transition for Monica, who was keen and motivated to share the holistic nature of yoga, intrinsically creating and developing practical and philosophical sessions to guide her students to use their body and breath as vehicles for change, towards holistic health. Since 2016, Monica focused her complete attention to teaching yoga, taking group classes and private lessons in India, Italy and Thailand. Monica believes yoga is an onward journey, and each day is a new learning experience, as she learns, practices and teaches with equal zeal and fervour.

Monica’s teaching is guided by her passion for yoga and the belief that her students will experience the same joy, peace, well-being, energy, mental and physical solace that she has received and continues to be blessed, from the traditional yoga teachings from the Himalayan Masters. Join the journey…